IBPS SO in human resource Course Syllabus

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IBPS SO  in HR Course Syllabus

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Topics Classes
Alphabetical Series 5
Coding and Decoding 5
Simple Mathematical Reasoning 5
Odd One out 10
Relational Ranking 5
Time Sequence Set 5
Series Completion and Finding Missing Figures 5
Some Types of Figure Images etc 15

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Topics Classes
Number Series 5
HCF , LCM Simplification 5
Ratio Proportions 3
Algebra 1
Percentage and Averages 4
Profit and Loss 3
Mensuration(2D 3D) 3
Simple and Compound Interest 3
Time and Work 3
Time and Distance 2
Probability 2
Boats and Streams 1
Unitary Method 5

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Topics Classes
One word Substitution 2
Verb, Adverb 2
Spelling check questions 5
Error Correction 5
Tenses 5
Sentence Rearrangement 5
Fill in the blanks 5
Comprehension 5
Unseen Passages 5
Vocabulary 5
Synonyms 5
Antonyms 5

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Topics Classes
What is concept of Human Resource management ? 13
Strategies and systems in Human Resource Management 2
What is Human Resource Information System ? 5
What is Transactional anlysis in HRM ? 5
Industrial Relations in HRM 5
What is Insurance in Marketing ? 5
Management Process in HRM 5
Organzational Behavious in HRM 5
Performance Management in HRM 5
Business Policies in HRM 5