RBI Grade B Course Syllabus

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DMRC Course Syllabus

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Topics Classes
RBI Grade 2  consisit of english Vocabulary and Grammar 5
RBI Grade 2  consisit of Correct Usage of Antonyms and Synonyms 5
English Language Basics 5
Sentence structure is also asked in English 5

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Topics Classes
RBI Grade2  includes Budget and Five Year Plans 3
National and International Current affairs 5
Some topics on Sports news and financial news 2
Awards , Honors , Science and inventions 8
Abbreviations 6

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Topics Classes
Arithmetic 10
Elementary Algebra 10
Concepts of Geometry 10

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Topics Classes
Series and coding decoding 10
Blood Relations 10
Problem on Ages 10
Direction sense 10
Arithmetical Reasoning 10
Mirror Images and Grouping of identical Figures 10