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Social Media- Does it help or hinder social progress? Write you answer in 200-250 words.

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Social Media- Does it help or hinder social progress? Write you answer in 200-250 words.

Social media is a huge force in the lives of young people with wide ranging effects on their development, given the importance of adolescence in the genesis of mental illness, social media is a factor in the mental health of young people. Despite the role that social media obviously plays in the development of mental illness, little research has been done into the impact that social media has on in the mental illness of young people. In general, what research there is points towards social media having a large impact on young people in both positive or negative ways. In particular, certain studies show a greater incident to offline which may contribute to the development of depression. This contrasts with the positive impact that social media seems to have for young people in minority groups by allowing them to connect with others who have similar lives despite geographical separation. This act as a positive influence in these peoples lives though a direct link to mental illness was not shown. Overall, several important issues are raised firstly, the lack of research that has been conducted in the area, secondly, the gulf that exists between the generation and the older generation who are not as engaged with social media and finally, the huge potential that exists for the use of social media as a protective influence for adolescents. With proper engagement, policy makers and health professionals could use social media to connect with young people on issues like mental health.