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Distance and Direction

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Ankush went to the market to visit eight shops – Shop-1, Shop-2, Shop-3, Shop-4, Shop-5, Shop-6, Shop-7, and Shop-8,
but not necessarily in the same order. He starts from Shop-1 and walks towards Shop-3 which is at a distance of
24 m towards the east. He then turns left and walks 16 m to reach Shop-5. Then he walks 57 m southwest to visit Shop-2,
which is towards the south of Shop-1, crossing the path which goes through the midpoint of the line joining Shop-1
and Shop-3. After visiting Shop-2, he walked 40 m in the east direction and reached Shop-7. He then walked 50 m left to reach

Shop-8 and then walked 16 m right to reach Shop-4 and to reach the last shop he walked 35 m towards the right.

What is the shortest distance between Shop-3 and Shop 6?
A 6√87 m
B 12√10 m
C 8√24 m
D 4√77 m
E 4√89 m