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Distance and Direction

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Eight persons namely Aadit, Babar, Chapel, Danvir, Etash, Faisal, Gagan, and Hardik were standing in different directions with respect to each other. Each of them scored different marks in the English subject among 34, 39, 43, 48, 54, 63, and 70 but not necessarily in the same order. Only two of them have equal marks.
Aadit is 12m west of Etash and his mark is 54. Only Chapel scored the highest mark and stands 15m west of the person, whose mark is 63. Babar stands 8m north of Hardik, who scored 34 marks. Hardik is 20m south-west of Etash. The mark scored by Etash and the person, who stands 15m west of Chapel is the same. Gagan is 15m west of the person, whose mark is 43. The one who scored the third-lowest mark is 16m north of Chapel. Danvir is not to the northwest of Aadit. Etash’s mark is more than 43. Babar scored more marks than Aadit. Aadit, Babar, and Hardik are standing in a vertical line.
What is the shortest distance between Hardik and Aadit?
8 m
B 15 m
C 16 m
D 18 m
E Can't be determined