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Amit, Bholu, Chitresh, Dimple, Esha and Farhan are six persons who have joined 6 different banks viz. - ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, City Bank, HDFC Bank, Kotak Mahindra, and Yes Bank by scoring different marks in the written exam of a maximum of 300 marks. (Marks are in integer value) They all are sitting around a circle facing the centre with equal distance.

Chitresh is second to the right of the person who joined Kotak Mahindra, whose score is 169 marks which were the third lowest marks out of the 6 students. Amit is to the immediate left of the person who is opposite to the person who joined Yes Bank, who is not near to Farhan. Bholu scored the 2nd highest marks and did not join HDFC but is 2nd to the left of the person, who scored 174 marks. Dimple is seated opposite to one who joined HDFC. Dimple is not near to Bholu. Esha has not scored the lowest marks. Chitresh is to the immediate left of the one who joined Yes Bank and Chitresh scored 170 marks. The person who joined Axis Bank is second to the left of the one who scored 172 marks. The person who joined ICICI did not score the highest marks. One of the six students scored which was a prime number. The lowest scored marks were 164.


Who amongst the following is working with ICICI Bank?
A Dimple
B Esha
C Chitresh
D Amit
E None of these