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Word Replacement  

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 In each of the following questions given below, a sentence is given with some bold words which may contain errors. Below each of the sentences, a table is given with two columns in which column ‘A’ contains the list of bold words, and in column ‘B’ the suggested corrections are listed. You have to choose the best alternative among the four given options. If no correction is required against the given bold words, mark (e) .i.e. “None of the above” as your answer

It is important to measure the outstanding risk of a company and find the best possible solution to hedge and manage it. Had locked in a major portion of the costs can give paint manufacturers a significant margin boost to achieve compete pricing and hence healthy functioning.

    COLUMN A              COLUMN B
(1) Outstanding         (5) Outdated
(2) Hedge                 (6) Wedge
(3) Had                    (7) Having
(4) Compete             (8) Competitive

(a) (4) – (8)
(b) (2) – (6)
(c) Both (3) - (7) and (4) – (8)
(d) (1) - (5), (2) – (6) and (3-7)
(e) None of the above

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option C

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Option a