Faculty in Plutus


amar    Nitin Katyayni Sir (Maths Faculty)   

Nitin Katyayni Sir Provides you the best conceptual understanding and methodologies to solve mathematics problems in an time efficient manner . His teaching methodologies are very good they are famous for their short tricks to solve maths quickly.

Neelakshi Mam (Reasoning Faculty)  

Neelakshi Mam  has 3 years of experience in reasoning Aspirants very appreciate  Neelakshi Mam for their contribution in the industry of competitive coaching His way of teaching is so soft and steady so that every student can understand the concept


Ashish Sir (Maths Faculty)

Ashish Sir is very famous for their jolly nature and teaching Mathematics .Students are very frank with Ashish Sir and ask their doubt anytime. His examples and tricks for mathematics  are very easy to remember  which make him famous and popular among students .

niyatiNiyati Chaudhary(English Faculty)

Niyati mam have around 3 years of teaching experience Her methodology is very good for english as she gives brief of  everything in english and clears all the doubts which are in students mind during her class so need of hesutation in any topics.


kunal        KUNAL KUMAR (GS Faculty)

KUNAL  sir is very famous for teaching GS ,  Kunal Sir methodologies are appreciated by many aspirants , Kunal sir is a gem of Plutus Academy having a very polite personality and the way of teaching which attract the student most

saurabh Saurabh Sir (GS Faculty)

Saurabh Sir is renowned  faculty in the field of General Studies since last 8 years. His mnemonic based teaching helps students learn the lengthy concepts of GS in Short time. Many students have touched zenith with their teaching methodolgy…

Vivek Jain(IT Faculty)

Having 4 years of experience of teaching  IT students .  He has a very good excperience of teaching Computer in IBPS PO and SBI PO  also He has a vast knowledge of computers so provide a good base for IBPS SO Students