Indian study abroad

According to data recently issued by the Ministry of Education, the number of Indian students applying for study-abroad courses has increased by 15% since the previous year. The United States, the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, etc are some of the most famous destinations for Indian students. There are several factors that are contributing. to the increasing number of indian students applying to foreign countries to study abroad. Let’s discuss the factors contributing to this trend.

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Factors Leading To Increasing Indian Students To Study Abroad

The factors why Indian students are choosing to study abroad rather than in India. Let us discuss them all below. 


It was seen during the pandemic when the economy had slowed down all around the world. But the real change came post-pandemic. Now when the economy has surged in many countries and India the most, there is also a higher demand for skilled workers in the job sector. Since the best jobs and other opportunities come at a cost of competitiveness, a lot of the students have realized the importance of quality education from a well-recognized institute. 

Employers Needs:

A lot of international companies mostly look for candidates with international schooling or degree from a world-recognized institute. This is because this is a perceived notion that someone from a well-reputed institute will bring a lot of skills and creativity to the table. This as a result makes the person with an education qualification from an international institute more employable. 

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It is true that students who complete their degrees abroad have a different worldview. This is because of the opportunities a student is provided to experiment with and push oneself to the limits. Add on to that the different cultures one sees and interacts with, it develops the cross-cultural communication skills. In a globalized world like today, it is THE MOST important skill a recruiter looks for.

Easy Applications: 

With the increase in the number of Indian students choosing to study abroad, there have been amends to make it easier. Be it for the application process, education loans, scholarship option, work visa after completing degree, etc. This shows the will and encouragement of foreign governments towards Indian students. There is also a significant reduction in the tuition fees of many reputed institutes. So whether you are looking to go abroad to pursue your degree, now is the time. Before that, join the best IELTS coaching in Delhi to maximize your band score in your IELTS. Join Plutus Academy for the best IELTS coaching

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Multiple Courses:

The most important factor for the exponential surge of Indian intellect seeking education abroad is the availability of courses. Unlike in the Indian education system where the courses are pretty standard and fixed, this is new. The courses are regularly updated according to new inventions and discoveries. This is what keeps the student more advanced and up-to-date with the practical work.



Studying abroad can come at a cost, i.e. homesickness and expenses in the foreign currency. A lot of the Indian students who go abroad find it a little difficult to make friends. Apart from that, the opportunity one gets while studying abroad is huge. If you also dream to study in one of the prestigious international universities then IELTS is the way to go. Start preparing for your IELTS exam with the best IELTS coaching in Delhi. 

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